Listing Your Dealer for the Satellite Phone Subsidy

Before you apply for you government subsidy you need to find an authorised dealer. you can contact the governmnet to get a list of approved dealers and then research which one suits your needs the best.

The dealer that you get your satellite phone deals from must be registered to operate with the satellite phone subsidy scheme. If your dealer is not authorised your subsidy application may be rejected.

You can also ask your provider to apply to be approved for the scheme through the Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy. A dealer can actually apply for registration around the same time you are applying for your subsidy. This extra support may help you to purchase your phone.

Your dealer will need to be listed in your application so that they are sure to receive all the information regarding you subsidy from the department of broadband. These documents will be provided to you so you can buy a satellite phone with your subsidy under this program.

The most important thing to do here is to ensure that you list your dealer and all of their details in your application if possible. Failing to do this will result in either your application for the subsidy being rejected or the process of getting it approved being substantially delayed.

You must list all information relating to your satellite phone dealer as carefully as possible when getting such a phone for use. You have to get this all ready so you’ll know that your phone will be covered through a particular dealer.


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